Back Me Up...

MAY 23rd, 2020

Leave em breathless coming and going! This collection of gorgeous back designs features backless, cutouts, illusion mesh and more to give your back view just as much sass as your front view, and sometimes more!


We love designers who put a ton of focus on the way they design the backs of their wedding gowns and the designers we've featured definitely stand out from the rest. The exquisite details aren't just beautiful but theres' function in there with form too, and everything in between. Click the button to see all the designs and let us know which gown you'd love to wear on your wedding day! 


I'm Dani Simone, Editor In Chief of Aisle Trends Magazine and a self proclaimed #weddingdressobsessed lover of all things WED. Click here to learn more about the magazine and why I'm so smitten by great bridal gowns and bridal style...


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