All In The Details ~ A Photograher’s Pivot To Pretty Masks featuring Lauren Dinh of Playful Soul Pho

What happens when a talented wedding photographer with an eye for style decides to pivot her business for a great cause in the fight against Covid19?

What happens when a talented wedding photographer with an eye for style decides to pivot her business for a great cause in the fight against Covid19? You get a beautiful and stylish way to protect others by stopping the spread with custom masks!

While many states are starting to open back up, precautions still need to be taken as we navigate our post lockdown world. With social distancing still in place and masks becoming the norm, many business owners have answered the call and decided to help create this much needed accessory that will very likely be part of our style at least for the foreseeable future.

Lauren Dinh, photographer behind Playful Soul Photography decided to put her sewing skills to use by creating masks for friends and family.

“It was so hard to purchase anything at the grocery store. I started making them and posting them on my IG stories for fun and soon enough I got people asking if I was selling them. Since I was already making them I thought why not? After that it just took off.” she says.

“Our cotton wear line was our first design and it was inspired by the idea to provide safety masks for the general public. At the time everyone was so focused on hospitals and front line workers, no one was able to get them for themselves. So we were there to supply them.”

Dinh’s pretty masks have caught the attention of regular customers and wedding professionals alike because of her usage of pretty fabrics, details like embroidery and lace appliques, and even pet portraits!

Prices range from $20 to $55 and include shipping, and she offers bulk order discounts. She makes her masks in cotton and luxury fabrics with customization options so there’s something for everyone. She and her team are constantly thinking of new designs as they create these unique mask designs.

Orders take about 1 to 1 and a half weeks. Her luxury designs have become quite popular so she and her team of sewers have had to make adjustments to fill orders faster and expect them to be ready to ship in the coming days.

What exactly inspired Dinh to try creating masks that weren’t just functional but also beautiful?

“After wearing them for a week I realized that I couldn’t wear any makeup while wearing face masks. It would just get rubbed off onto the masks. From there I was inspired to bring back something beautiful into our lives again. I wanted women to still feel beautiful even without their makeup. Most importantly I wanted my line to be worn because they WANT to not because they NEED to. Hopefully these gorgeous masks will encourage people to wear them more often. Thus protecting them and everyone around them. We’ll also be adding more fun options to expand our demographics soon too!”

So which one of these gorgeous styles from this photographer turned luxury mask designer is your favorite? To purchase your own head over to her website or Etsy shop. You can also follow her on Instagram @playfulsoulphotography.

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